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Name:The City of the Hand
Location:United States of America
Website:Author's DW
The City of the Hand by Meg Freeman

The City of the Hand is a place of sharp contrasts, and infinite secrets, a place where a person can find everything and anyone. Outside it's walls lurks a carnivorous, demonic forest that can and will eat people alive, only the inhuman Gray Demons live there. Inside the walls, things aren't much safer. Especially for Maira, a courier who finds herself responsible for delivering the most precious parcel in the city from the hands of a man who dies in her arms to a mysterious, unnamed recipient. Her task is not even that simple, however, because it is not only the secret she carries that has drawn attention. She herself becomes of great interest to a sharp tongued sorcerer, a deadly Tract Lord, and two agents who work for the secret police - the Red Hand and those who would gladly kill her to either to claim the parcel she carries or stop her delivering it.

UPDATE: As of 29-June-2012, ALL chapters have been posted! That's right. All thirty chapters of the novel are posted and available to read both here and at the LiveJournal mirror.

Donations in the tip jar are greatly appreciated if you enjoyed the story and want to throw in a couple of dollars to let me know. Money helps me with rent, food, clothing, medicine and other things that I need! It also helps keep Thing One and Thing Two in kibble and chew toys.

Those who donate to the tip jar can get the entire novel in ebook format can get their choice of being given a named thank you message on Twitter, Tumblr, LJ/DW, or elsewhere if they'd like, and until 1-Jul-2012, they can get the e-book early. After then, they can choose between a public shout out, a link or signal boost to a site/thing/person of their choice.

Anyone who donates over $25 can get a poem, short story, or nonfiction essay on the topic of their choice by me! Want to know more about a certain character? Want to revisit your favorite place in the City and see what else is going on there? Just throw some money in the tip jar and tell me what you want!

Comments, critiques, and compliments are always welcome. Feel free to link and spread the word (please do!). Transformative works (fic, art, etc) are just fine with credit. Excerpts are also fair game, so long as credit is given.

Creative Commons License
The City of the Hand by Meg Freeman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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